Meeting Papa: The book

‘To know Papatuanuku, you have to go through slowly, on foot’

 – Hone Tuwhare 


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Meeting Papa—A journey on Te Araroa 

Michelle is at the crossroads of her life. While she fantasies about walking the length of New Zealand on Te Araroa the reality is she is stuck in a 9-5 job going nowhere fast. Knowing that nothing will change she decides to quit her job and live out her dream to walk from Cape Reinga to Bluff with her ever supportive partner Jack. The couple set off rapturous, dreaming of freedom and wilderness, but less than a week into their adventure they are faced with the true reality of what it means to walk the length of the country. 

In the wild and wind blown bush of the Northland Forests Michelle and Jack enter into a rite of passage that tests both their physical and emotional limits. Nursing blistered feet and wounded egos they persevere and through chance encounters they experience true kindness from strangers and are united with kindred spirits who encourage them to keep going, to make it all the way to Bluff. 

A story that weaves both the physical and psychological aspects of Te Araroa with poetic reference to the natural world; Meeting Papa is set for release summer 2020 (February)