1,500 kilometres of North Island Te Araroa alternatives

Look I’m gonna be candid about this. I through walked Te Araroa as a challenge and I was dedicated but after finishing the North Island I really thought about quitting because quite frankly it was not a particularly enjoyable hike— roads, farms, mud, roads, farms, mud…..(you get the picture right?). I wrote a lot about those feelings here. One of the reasons I kept going was because my partner Jack convinced me too and in hindsight I am glad I did because the South Island was amazing and I am  able to look back on the North Island as a character building adventure!

I’m also a New Zealander so I knew I could dedicate time to all those other trails out there that were tempting us off Te Araroa but if you are an international something to consider is this—you only have a certain amount of time in the country right? maybe its your once in a lifetime trip right? and you maybe you only have a certain amount of money as well, yeah?. There are thousands of other walks in New Zealand and I’ve suggested 1,500 kilometers of alternatives for your consideration.

While none of them are a ‘through walk’ all of them are designed to be walked as loops or returns so you can cruise onto the next adventure easy! If you are keen on a ‘through walk’ alternative for the North Island you can read more about THE SPINE OF THE FISH–completed by Anthony and Fiona Behrens in 2018 HERE

Ahhhh the North Island–  its more than cows and scathing mud forests!


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