Happy Camper

Beautiful back story into these awesome designs 🙂

the Weekend Adventurers Club

happy camper-for wordpress

The setting for my Happy Camper design was an island themed film festival on Pigeon Island, Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand. It was an amazing location, only accessible by charter boat/kayak/SUP/swimming. We managed to get onto one of the boats that the organisers managed to arrange and headed over for a night of camping, island themed movies, popcorn and wine

I don’t think I’ve ever had a more memorable movie experience. We also managed to squeeze in a small hike up to the trig to really appreciate the surrounding landscape, and also hung out with the locals (the locals being weka who seem to almost over run the island, they are very inquisitive and not at all shy).

Thinking back to that weekend I can say that I was very much a HAPPY CAMPER

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