Hiking Hawaii Tips for Kiwi travellers

Jack and I have just got back from a stellar trip to Hawaii which included a few day hikes.  As more Kiwis take advantage of cheaper and more frequent flights by Air New Zealand you might want to consider a few hikes here as they are well worth leaving the beach for. Heres a few things we found interesting and a couple tips that you might find helpful. I’ll be doing a summary of our hikes in my next blog so stay tuned.

Tips and Tricks for Hiking in Hawaii

  1. People in Hawaii walk how they drive – ON THE RIGHT. Seriously people will look at you weird if you don’t stick to the right especially in narrow sections like Koko Head Crater Hike
  2. It gets flipping hot. Go early in the morning or later in the evening. Wear sunscreen, the sun is just as strong as New Zealand
  3. In Oahu the day hikes a really busy in the middle of the day – queues at Diamond head lookout etc. So apply same rules as above.
  4. There are not many helpful signs. This made me really appreciate all those directive DOC signs in New Zealand. Take a map with you and know where you are going
  5. Instead of helpful directive signs there are a lot of warning signs – NO TRESPASSING, FALLING ROCKS, DANGER, HAZARDS etc etc and on and on. Heres a couple reasons why there might be so many signs
  6. Many hikes and even walks to get to snorkelling spots cross through private land.        There is a lot of Mana held in the land here so be respectful and thoughtful
  7. Take a camelback. You will drink a lot of water
  8.  Don’t be surprised to see and hear people playing their own music on a portable         speaker as they hike. Its a pet peeve of mine as it shatters your enjoyment of nature sounds. Although its seldom seen in New Zealand its rife in Hawaii, especially Oahu
  9.  You will get starred at if your off the lesser known tourist trails. We never felt threatened but there were certain places we did not feel the warmest Aloha. Namely parts of Wapi’o Valley and a couple of local beach parks.
  10. Leave no trace. Pack in, pack out. As tempting as it may be as there are lots of cool minerals, lava rocks, coral and shells,  leave things were you find them. Take only memories and leave the biodiversity to thrive.


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