Kiwi s’mores

Here’s a kiwi take on an American Classic. You’ll never see Graham crackers in New Zealand or square marshmallows either but there are some pretty good substitutions.

Heres what you need

1 packet of either Arnotts Marie biscuits or Griffins super wine biscuits

1 packet of pascals marshmallows (you can pick up vegan marshmallow mix from commonsense organic stores)

1 100g block of Lindt chocolate- any flavour but extra creamy milk is the best!

1 open fire best started by a professional and without lighter fluid

marshmallow sticks Рtry and get a long stick  with a sharp pointed end. You might need to do some whittling.

Place 1 square of chocolate on the base side of a biscuit. Place a marshmallow on the end of your stick and place over the tip of a flame. Try not let the marshmallow catch on fire or it will be very crispy and not very tasty. After about a minute or so smear your gooey marshmallow onto the chocolate square and pop another biscuit on top to make a sandwich.


Best enjoyed on an outdoor fire or as we did at Meg Hut -Pisa range, Otago, New Zealand

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